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June and July 2023

Marseille, France

Finished up a 3 week training block in the 2024 Olympic venue, Marseille, France and I'm proud of whats to come. This large chunk of intensive training and preparation has been nothing but fine tuning technique and deepening my play book. And what better motivation than to train on the future Olympic race course!

With a total of 17 days on the water; including 3 days of a coaches regatta and 4 days of working with Robert Scheidt this was the best training block yet! I was fortunate to be able to race and train with some of the best ILCA 6 sailors in the world and be coached by some high caliber coaches, Alex Saldanha and Robert Scheidt.

The training camp was centered around getting to know the venue and gathering as much information about the variety of conditions Marseille offers, coming from all different directions. We were lucky enough as well to get such a vast amount of conditions ranging from light and flat to full blow mistral conditions with big swell.

During this focused training camp, my main objectives were to sharpen my light wind technique, downwind skills, and starting abilities to gain confidence in my overall sailing performance. Through extensive line-ups upwind and downwind, as well as competitive races with fellow sailors, I made significant progress.

3 weeks of training really gave me the opportunity to try new things whether it be on the start line, tactical decision making, upwind technique, and downwind technique. By comparing and contrasting my sailing with my teammates or watching other sailors technique, I was able to add to my play book, overall making my sailing just a percentage better.

The experience of training at the Olympic venue was a true blessing, allowing me to familiarize myself with the unique conditions and challenges I may encounter in the future. I look forward to the possibility of returning to this extraordinary location for upcoming events.

In addition to rigorous hours spent on the water, this block of training opened up opportunity to focus a lot on creating a better fitness and recovery routine, to help me feel strong and full of energy for the hot summer days in the Mediterranean.

One memorable aspect of the camp was the 4 day mistral, in 20-30 knots of breeze and epic waves with Robert Scheidt! It was great to hear his opinions on my technique and give me pointers on my sailing.

Long Beach, CA

While I will not be competing at the Test Event, I am not stopping training and racing. Right after coming home from Marseille, I jetted off to Long Beach, California for the ILCA North American Championship, to evaluate the work done in Marseille and further working on my goals before the upcoming World Championship in August.

With Long Beach, CA being the 2028 Olympic venue, this created an opportunity to not only put my work built in Marseille into racing, but also put an early jump on what's to come in the next quad in Long Beach.

The North Americans consisted of 3 days of racing and 7 races.

The event, held at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, began with a 2-hour postponement due to heavy fog, creating uncertainty about the sea breeze. When the skies cleared around 2 pm, my focus was on securing a clean start and quickly finding an edge. Observing the ILCA 7 race, I favored the right side of the course, where I spotted a bit more breeze. Taking an early lead at the start, I tacked and headed straight to the right. The Long Beach sea breeze soon rushed in, boosting the wind speed to 12-15 knots, and I ended Day 1 with a 1,2,3 thanks to my emphasis on starts, compass, and speed.

Day 2 and Day 3 brought challenges with waiting on the breeze and hoping for steadier conditions. The lingering marine layer kept the land cold, hindering the sea breeze from filling in consistently. Despite the uncertainty, I pushed myself to start at an end and seek out more breeze along the edges. On Day 2, I managed a notable 3rd place finish in light and difficult conditions, showcasing progress in my light wind racing. However, the final day brought different conditions, and with tough starts, I couldn't fully follow my instincts, resulting in finishes of 11, 20, and 7, ultimately placing 2nd overall.

Though the outcome wasn't exactly what I wanted, I find solace in the strides I made in my light wind racing. These experiences have fueled my determination to set new goals and work diligently towards the upcoming World Championship!

Rockport, TX

After such a long time away from home and training, I realized the importance of rest and recovery before the upcoming World Championship. Taking my mind off my own sailing, I decided to return to my roots and coach new, aspiring sailors in Texas.

I had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside GCYSA coach Alex Dyet in Rockport, TX, mentoring 11 up-and-coming Texas Laser sailors. Witnessing the progress and passion among these young athletes was truly heartwarming. Knowing that I could make a positive impact on their sailing careers and serve as someone they look up to fills me with immense joy and pride.

Additionally, I am incredibly grateful to the Rockport Yacht Club for organizing a fundraiser to support my journey to represent the USA in the upcoming Olympic Games. The event was a success, and I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out to support and learn about my Olympic campaign. Your encouragement and belief in my pursuit of Gold means the world to me.

As I continue my preparations for the World Championship and the Olympic Games, I am fueled by the passion I share with these young sailors. I am more determined than ever to make my country proud and achieve success on the world stage!

Thank you all for being a part of this incredible journey with me!

If you'd like to make a contribution to my campaign to support my efforts follow the link below to learn how!

I also accept tax deductible donations through the generous support of the Windmark Sailing Foundation, and can receive money directly through them or my GoFundMe page!

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