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One step back, Two steps forward

The annual U.S. Open Sailing Series comes to a close, leaving Florida defeated yet determined.

This year compared to previous years, The U.S. Open Series - Fort Lauderdale and Clearwater - served as a triple qualification for U.S Athletes for the following events: The Olympic Test Event, Combined World Championship, and Pan American Games.

  • Olympic Test Event - 1 U.S allocation - combined placing at events

  • Pan American Games - 1 U.S allocation at the U.S Open Series- Clearwater

  • Combined World Championships - 4 U.S allocations - combined placing at events


Starting at the Fort Lauderdale event. After 3 days of racing, 5 races were completed. As a cold front rolled through on Day 1 we started with the wind coming from the west (offshore) at 20kt +. It was a challenging day of hiking hard, trying not to auto-tack, and connecting with the shifts. I finished the day strong with a 1,1 for both races. The next 2 days were drainage breezes from the cold front, meaning light unstable breezes. From waiting on the water for hours for some breeze and completing races in sub 4 knots, I managed to finish up 3rd overall - putting me in second place overall in the triple qualifier.


Ending the series was Clearwater, which consisted of 4 days of racing. Unfortunately, the regatta was cut in half when the 1st two days ranged from having no wind and fog to 30+ knots and 6ft waves out of the channel. This left the determining qualification spots to 7 races in 2 days. Day 1 (technically day 3), consisted of an offshore breeze coming from the NW, creating a tricky, oscillating breeze for racing. It was a long day on the water, completing 4 races with a finish of 1,6,5,7. Day 2 (Day 4) consisted of an offshore breeze shutting off and shifting to a N/NE breeze, bringing in 10-12 knots. Day 2 was a moving day for me. Coming in the day in 5th place I was focused on climbing up the ranks as much as possible, with the winning qualification spot just in my reach. Unfortunately, it came down to the very last race and a tiebreaker. I finished the day with a 2,2,3 placing me 2nd overall losing the tie for 1st place. To finish the series coming home without a spot at the Olympic Test Event and Pan American Games felt pretty defeating. I kept going back and forth in my mind on the mistakes I made and how I could have done better. But, I realized, this fallback will only make me into a better sailor. After only sailing 12 races in the entire series in some pretty difficult conditions I can say I held it together pretty well. It wasn't easy to climb back in the rankings and to have qualification come down to the very last race. I'm proud of myself for finishing strong and this defeat only turns into determination for the remainder of the quad.


"The most successful people see adversity not as a stumbling block, but as a stepping-stone to greatness" - Shawn Anchor



With the rest of February off to rest, recover, and reevaluate. The next stretch of the campaign is back in Miami for two weeks of training in March. Then back onto the international circuit, jetting off to Palma de Mallorca, Spain for the Trofeo Princess Sofia Regatta and the French Olympic Week Regatta in Hyeres.

  • Trofeo Princess Sofia Regatta - Palma de Mallorca, ESP- April 1-8

  • French Olympic Week - Hyeres, FRA - April 24-29

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May 07

So proud of you and all your accomplishments!!!! This is just the beginning! May your sails be tight! Upward and onward!

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